Release Date: April 2020

New Features

  1. Added the possibility to filter for “Selected Date“ time frame in Position Historic Widget. 


  1.  A Tradesparent Error page is shown instead of a 403 [Forbidden] error when the user tries to login with Windows Authentication and he or she is not a Tradesparent user.

  2. Added Currency as a Curve Dimension in Link Position to curves. The currency field is also added to the results grid.

  3. Revised Portal roles with page & widget rights. 
    For Portal only 2 roles remain: Portal User and Portal Admin User. 
    A Portal User:

    1. can create personal homepages (for his own has Portal Admin rights); 

    2. could not alter the homepage owner;

    3. if the homepage is not in the Edit mode below items only live in the page session this role can cycling widgets, change table/graph and navigation with tabs for combined widgets.  

  4. A Portal Admin User 

    1. has rights to all Company homepages;

    2. can see and edit any Company Homepages and change the layout of the page;

    3. can change the owner of any homepage, but only in Edit Mode;

    4. can edit the the title of a widget and if there is a filter on the widget can edit it  (only in Edit Mode)

  5. The Application Tiles page and the related checkbox in Edit profile were deleted and the default landing page instead of the Application Tiles is the first favorite homepage.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug in windows authentication and implemented re-login on authentication ticket expiration.

  2. Fixed a bug in Conversions to enable search or partial search for “EXCLUDED“ in the field “converted value contains“. 

  3. Fixed a bug in Personal Homepages  where for a widget with another widget at Contract Details to which the user didn’t have access to the message and the icons weren’t correctly displayed.

  4. Fixed a bug in Data Definition so that when creating or editing an Import file the System Id by default is set to MAX systemId .

  5. Fixed a bug in Jobs page for the display of a time out message in the Data Connector section.

  6. Fixed a bug in Personal Homepages where the menu was operational when a model dialog was opened up.

  7. Fixed a bug in Personal Homepages where the widget container wasn’t correctly displayed when a user clicked outside before the widget configuration loaded.