Tradesparent offers a flexible API in the form of “Web Services”. This allows the delivery of any information from the Datahub in formats such as JSON and XML


Examples of information which can be retrieved from Web Services:

•    Transactions/Positions

•    Market Prices

•    Planning

•    Master Data (e.g. product hierarchy, legal entities, etc.)

The Datahub stores all records of incoming & outgoing information. For each record in the database, this can include the point in time it was loaded, when it was processed, the source of the data, which data mapping occurred, and the end-user it was distributed to. This allows the complete dataflow to be properly managed and audited. Through Web Services, data can be refined using parameters such as Date (‘end of Date’ ) and Transaction ID (‘Last TransactionID’ ) before exporting in the desired format.

The reference data API articles help simplify and bring transparency to the data structures essential for the automated reports and analytics widgets accessible in Tradesparent Portal Dashboard Pages. The data structures in the Datahub are primarily built using a strong foundation of interconnected SQL code which enables the validation, harnessing, and centralized integration of client and market data. Ultimately, Tradesparent transforms your data in a way that brings the most utility and insight to you as a user.

For more in-depth information on Tradesparent API's, be sure to check out the articles below:

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